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The thing is ....

It is true that sex workers, escorts, and intimate companions come from all walks of life. Every escort is an individual, unique and with her own interesting story.


Some of our escorts are students, who have future plans in mainstream careers. Other escorts are working in other industries part or full time, and use sex work to supplement their income, and provide another exciting (and often secretive) dimension to their lives. We also have girls who have chosen to make escorting their main source of work.


Our ladies work in retail, offices. Some are artists, caretakers, influencers, stay home mums, and unlike the typical stereotype that are depicted in Hollywood movies, our escorts are just normal people – surprisingly normal! 


​We have been in the business for a long time. We understand that building a name and a brand in the escort industry takes time, hard work and perseverance. 

We cannot stipulate enough the importance of building a base of quality regular clientele.  We work hard to attract good clients, we have been building a rapport with them for a long time and deal with them on a regular basis. In busy times as well as quiet times, it is our regular clients who will continue to contact us, and keep us all working. 


​Here are some words that resonate with us as a team:


​"I think what sets many of the 1NS ladies apart, and what people from other parts of the country wouldn't realise, is that many of them really do seem to love sex. It is lovely to see a lady happy in her work - aesthetic (adult forum NZG)."


​"1 Night Stands has been mentioned quite a bit recently and for good reason. Yet once you have been there once, you are sure to return. Hidden away in Wellington City is a cosy place that has happy girls that consistently provide a great experience and at a rate that doesn't draw attention from the Financial advisor at home. -Number6 (adult forum NZG)"


​1Night Stands value consistency, good relationships, and kindness. We are doing our best to look after our staff and clients alike and we will continue to work to the best of our ability.  

Our girls love to work with us, some have been working with us for years. They love what they do and love their experiences with our clients. Some of you might think that it's all about the money. We can assure you it's not. The good working relationship we have here at 1NS makes the difference. The kindness we get from our clients makes the difference. A big one!!

You would be working on site. For two, three, or for as many hours as you wish. When we aren't busy, our girls are catching up with each other or bring their homework. You'll find our place is feels like home.


Ladies.... our door is open and we always have a space for the right person that will fit in with our team. After you read this, I hope you get a little glimpse of who we are. 

I can assure you that the application process is very relaxed and flexible. Get in touch when you are ready and we'll chat more 




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