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Welcome, and welcome back !

A sense of community, feeling of belonging and connectedness with shared understanding of values is part of who we are.

While we understand developing a sense of community can vary from person to person or place to place. The sex industry is no different. In many cases, the sex industry is a place of acceptance and understanding where people can come together and connect over shared experiences.

We strive to build and maintain trust within our community. We value honesty, openness, respect, and accountability. We strive to create an environment where sex workers, and clients can feel safe and comfortable with one another. An environment where everyone is respected, heard, and valued.

We believe that by doing the right things all the time, we can build a strong sense of community, belonging, and connectedness. We can create a safe, secure, and supportive space for all, together.

We love to express our gratitude. We've been blessed by many of our earlier clients from The Terrace coming back to see us in Newtown. And some new clients that have been wonderful to have. We are very grateful for your business.

Welcome, and welcome back to 1Night Stands


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