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The other side of the story of the blame game

The nature of the service the sex worker is providing are both very physical and emotional – there is nothing out there that can compare even remotely.

All escorts will undoubtedly face the least desirable encounter at some stage, and it is very upsetting when it does happen.

The undesirable clients who are instrumental in upsetting the escort by being grossly disrespectful, those who exhibit a bad attitude in their whole approach of seeing sex workers before, during and after their brief engagement. Unfortunately, every escort will eventually meet one.

Our escorts love being there for her client’s pleasure. Most gentlemen know that, and if they treat her well they will receive something very special. They may have off days just like every human being does, but if you keep getting bad service from most of the escorts you booked, perhaps you need to ask yourself why.

Until you understand that you're not entitled to do as you please, and if you haven't been black listed (yet), you will only be tolerated. Why would you keep coming back to a place where you have only been tolerated?


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