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Some of our feedbacks

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

It's not a secret that our team shrank since covid hit, but we still have the "good girls". The naughty good one of course!

We know that we have a good quality Sex Workers here at 1Night Stands. Our lovely clients reminds us often in their messages and let us know how wonderful they are. Their messages make our day!!

There is always space for more sex workers here at 1NS. Like any organizations, all agencies are different. As much as we are chilled, flexible, and open minded, we also structured, organized, and we have some expectations (works in both directions), such as: communication, respect, and trust. The quality all our team has in order to sustain a healthy symbiotic relationship, naturally.

Let me tell you about some of our clients such as TJ, and K among many other clients, both are religiously sending us sweet messages, and goes without saying, we also noticed the one that just simply coming back to book with us each week/ fortnight/ month... thank you!!

Here are some of the feed back I manage to gather during my shift:

"Thank you Luci and good to see Willow and hope you guys have a lovely day and see you guys sometime soon cheers"

"yeah, can't wait to see her (Willow) gorgeous smile!!"

" ... I can't get past how good Molly looks"

"I think I have a soft spot for Eve, so I'll be hoping to see her next week"

"Hey, I had a great time with Eve, I think we hit it really, really good. Hope she also enjoyed it :) cheers"

"Thank you so much, (Eve) she's been wonderful newcomer see you sometime soon have a lovely day you guys"

"Molly is fun, engaging, had a lough, had great sex, what more can you want :)"

"Thank you, Luci. It's great pleasure to see Willow again"

"Thank you so much for accommodating me... been a while since have had a good time. And say thanks to Molly for her patience and all"

"Clara is amazing and would definitely come next time for her. Say thank you to her on my behalf and to you of course. She's such a lovely girl"

"Great experience with Molly Luci I wish I could have more time but all good I will make some other days cheers"

"Clara is an amazing woman. I'm so pleased I made contact... "

"Hi, can you pass on to Hazel my thanks. I've been to 1 nightstands a few times and she was a lovely surprise, if I wasn't an old ma#$%ed man I'd be after her. She is awesome"

"Hazel was amazing. I had an awesome time with her. 10/10"

"Hi, once again Haylee was up to her high standard"

"Pass on my thanks to Haylee. I learnt a lot"

"Hi, Haylee was very nice. Please pass on the message to her "J""

"Hi, Haylee's service is 5 star... calm, and hold up a really good conversation. Will see her again"

"Hi let you know Myla was great and always present herself beautifully"

"Myla was amazing. A really nice experience!"


Would you like to read more??

To be continue ...

or not. We'll see !

Ps: Not a picture of me .. lol x L


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