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Recession and the oldest profession

There is no doubt that the escort industry is currently going through a bit of a slump. This industry is one that relies heavily upon the financial state of the times we are living in.

Nobody can deny that companionship, sex and intimacy are things in life that people cannot live without, however service from a sex worker is considered to be somewhat of a luxury. When times are tough, food, rent or the mortgage will be the first priority. Everything else will come after, in order of priority.

This means that business is slower than -usual.

For sex workers, this may mean exploring their options and moving to different agencies, or becoming independent workers, in search of more clients. Some may choose to take up other part time employment. One good thing for us at 1NS, is that some ladies that worked with us in the past have decided to come back!

In the best and worst of financial times, consistency is key to staying afloat.

"Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

Those of you that continue coming in to see our escorts mean a great deal to us. It is because of you that our escorts are able to keep working, and stay at an agency that they love.

We have built good quality regular clientele for so many years, which we all now greatly appreciate more than ever before. A good client is not about age, look, shape, or nationality. A good client is respectful. Our escorts always say, spending time with good clients who treat them well, doesn't even feel like work!

The urge and natural tendency to want to spend time with an escort does not diminish, no matter what the state of the economy. The oldest profession is resilient. The sun will shine again. It always does.

For now, we are grateful to our clients who continue to "cast their vote" with us. We will be counting our blessings and keeping our fingers crossed that things get better for everyone!


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