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Our new and brand new sex workers

Updated: Apr 18

While we are happy to take most bookings for our new sex workers that worked in the industry before, we are very picky with our brand new one. Please be patience if we can't take your booking for now. We are doing our best to look after and support a very important journey of the brand new workers to our industry.

With years of experience, we have a system in place to support our brand new one. We will only take bookings from clients that know how to handle some one with extra care, play and maintain respect of boundaries for the whole booking time. All our sex workers and our receptionists have been working diligently for years to create this system in looking after each other, specially the new additions to our team.

Percy, Stella and Eden are our newest addition to our team.

And .... another brand new one is coming soon.

Please note: Brand new to the industry mean that they never worked before. New to 1Night Stands mean that they worked before (somewhere else).


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