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Our Loretta

We were hoping the day we had to say goodbye was not going to come.

If you haven't meet her in the past, Loretta is more than Just a sexy body or a naughty gal that loves to play between the sheets. She is kind, creative, smart, thoughtful, courteous, and a good person to be around.

We have all grown and changed during our time here. But one thing hasn’t changed, her attitude and work ethic. For six years Loretta maintained her reputation and her quality to the highest standard.

If it were up to us, we would have her work here forever. It’s been wonderful having her part of our team, and the positive energy she brought to our workplace will be missed.

Best wishes to you Loretta. Even though you don’t need it, best of luck xx

Ps: She described her favourite clients are the one whom gave her back rubs and massage.

Never too late you guys ... the rest of our ladies also love those :)


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❤️ Loretta, you are a gem x

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