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Our hope for the future

With our brand new premises in Newtown, we are starting fresh with a small tight knit team. We found that everyone in our team communicates well, are easy to work with, reliable, drama free and are respectful of each other. Off course we always have a space for the right person, always!

It makes our day when our girls are having fun at work.

The smile on their faces and sometime a little dance when their favourite clients come and visit them are beautiful to watch .... They call their favourite client Lord Hasting, Scooter guy, Mr Muscle, Haylee's sweet guy, Tour de France, etc. "This is the best job" is a common statement we hear at work almost on a regular basis.

Here at 1Night Stands, we don't keep or accommodate rude clients, a courtesy reminder note will be sent and best behaviour will be expected if he wishes to book again in the future. It's really simple, we want everyone to be happy. Happy escorts - happy clients. As mentioned on our work page "Some of you might think that it's all about the money. We can assure you it's not". Off course we like money, the very reason why some of our escorts are creative with their pricing and come up with sexy packages such as Bailey's PSE, Bailey's King package, Poppy naughty package when one needs a treat or wants to celebrate, those packages are magic!

We can't help but feel proud of all of our girls we have now. They are all kind, smart, courteous, and absolutely beautiful human beings to be around. They aren't around as much as we want, but we prefer them to come in when they are happy to. We also hope to grow our happy team, meeting potential new member of 1Night Stands team. Our girls are our chosen family.... If you know where Beckey is now, let her know that we miss her and we want her back!!

Also sometimes, all we need is a little kindness....

Pic: The spreads on our monthly drinks and mingle night.

Some nights we just talk about the world, some nights we jump up and down and it's always been a fun night!!

Ps: our escorts are fine with us calling them "our girls".


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