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Our brand new bee.

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Meet Layla, our newest team member of 1Night Stands.

We are very excited to see her building her brand from day one. Layla is fresh,

brand new to the industry, and very keen to work.

To start with, just like any brand new sex workers that work with us before her, Layla will only be seeing our good regular clients who are kind, respectful and who exhibit a good attitude in their whole approach of seeing sex workers before, during and after their brief engagement.

Layla will be taking her time to get comfortable and finding out more about escorting from our lovely clients and from the rest of our sex workers who will share their knowledge and experiences while working alongside her.

For our newest clients, please understand that we would like her to start gently and take one day at the time in her own speed. I am sure you will meet her soon!

Welcome to the family Layla xx


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