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It is so cold!!

Updated: May 19

It's getting so cold lately ... it is so hard getting out the bed!!

Winter blues is real.

Shorter days seem to be a main trigger. Reduced sunlight in fall and winter can disrupt your body’s internal clock, or circadian rhythm. This 24-hour “master clock” responds to cues in your surroundings, especially light and darkness. During the day, your brain sends signals to other parts of the body to help keep you awake and ready for action. At night, a tiny gland in the brain produces a chemical called melatonin, which helps you sleep. Shortened daylight hours in winter can alter this natural rhythm and lead to SAD (Seasonal affective disorder) in certain people.

Do you need some hugs, snuggles and or sexy time ?

We are here for you! book an appointment and create little things to look forward to.

Pop in to Newtown and get delicious coffee from the local before or after your appointment. Black coffee, Peoples coffee, and good boy makes really nice coffee. Pranah and Baobab also has their loyal customers.

Wherever you are, keep warm!!

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See you soon xx


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