Age: 24yr

Dress Size: 6

Bust Size: C

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5'6

Nationality: Argentinian

Tattoos: No

Piercings: No

Outcall: Not at the moment

Grooming: shaved/ laser



About Clara
Clara is not new to us.
She worked with us and if you've meet her before, you know how
sexy and exotic company she is. 
Clara is blessed with a cute little body. She is calm, down to earth, and her accent will take you away to a sexy happy place.
She is not from Wellington, please treat her well. We would really like her to work with us when she is happy to x
Extras : 
($30) oral on her

When can you meet Clara:


6pm to 10pm Friday, 28th of October

12pm to 10pm Saturday, 29th of October