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Brand new to the industry?



Where can you start

Off course we would like to start with us.

Together, you will start your journey in the speed you are comfortable with. There is no manual.. everyday, every client, and every bookings are different.  We will be there to support you in any way we are able to. 

Where to go from here?

Do your research, and take the time to decide.


Meet and visit the agencies in person and ask questions. Compare the places yourself.

Who are their sex workers, and who are their clients/ target market are. All agencies are different.

Some agency would suit you better than others. We encourage you to explore all the possibilities.

Choose a place that "speak" to you.

Who does well with us?


Students, single mums, care giver, teachers, artists, hospitality/retail and office worker generally speaking does well


Kindness and empathy goes a long way.  

There are different reasons why clients come and see us, and why you work with us  Everyone has different story why we are here. Kindness and empathy usually connect us better as people.

Does our rates reflect our services?

No, some clients who visit our place also visit agencies with hefty price tag. They visit us more than ever before. Our rates offers a good value for their money and our services is just as good.

With our rates, you get a competitive advantage. Not only that clients more inclines to requests extras when they book, they would also visit us more.

In current economy, client get picky to spend their money and shop around. We are very lucky to collect more clients that found us as their new place to visit  

Few notes to consider


1. Every agencies are different.

The difference are so simple and so complicated at the same time and there is a place for everyone.


2. The majority of Sex workers will agree, their job is more of emotional labor than physical. Fundamentally, you have to surround yourself with the right people... Your kind of  people!

3. Red flags are real. It is very important for you to spend time and do your research properly. A couple of the red flags to watch out for:

* Ask questions when a place promote VIP services for extra money (natural services are illegal/ against the law).

* There is many ways to promote and claim how good one place is. Putting other down might be just a superior complex.

4. You are an asset to any agency. Find a place who will appreciate, respect, and celebrate you as you with all your attributes and limitations.

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